With a network of nationwide – and even international – operating facilities strategically located in major scrap producing and metal melting markets, we are uniquely positioned to offer a competitive advantage in distribution efficiency, both in terms of cost and reliability.

All of our facilities can ship directly by truck and rail, and many can ship by water in barges or ocean going vessels, enabling us to have greater market access, keep freight costs lower and provide volume shipments on a timely basis. It all adds up to one of the most comprehensive, efficient and environmentally safe scrap transportation systems in the industry.

  • Reverse logistics operations
  • Dedicated collection routes
  • Container and box drop-off services and appropriate palletizing solutions
  • Nighttime pickups to eliminate congestion at your plant
  • The right size equipment tailored to meet your needs
  • 24-hour service, seven days a week
  • The largest full-service truck fleet in the scrap recycling industry, including a variety of Hiab trucks (onboard lifting equipment), flatbed trucks and articulated trailers (bulkers)
  • Reliable just-in-time delivery and inventory management programs